Authoright Press Release for The Mogadishu Diaries: Bloodlines


The Mogadishu Diaries: Bloodlines


by Eddie Clay




Outstanding novel by retired US Marine pays tribute to the bravery of the nation’s serviceman this Memorial Day, as it looks back on one of the most challenging missions in American military history: Operation Restore Hope, in Somalia,




In 1992, Somalia was on the brink of humanitarian disaster. Warring tribes had sparked a violent civil war following the collapse of the Barre government in 1991. The distribution of food and resources was heavily disrupted, leaving the people of Southern Somalia to starve; 300,000 would die in the famine. As the death-toll rose and the intensity of the conflict increased, a team of United Nations Peacekeepers, led by the United States, entered Somalia with the aim of creating a protected zone for 

humanitarian operations.


Gunnery Sergeant Thompson had volunteered immediately upon hearing about the UN mission. Handpicking one of his unit’s finest marksmen, Corporal Ramirez, to accompany him, they arrive in the coastal capital, Mogadishu, with some trepidation; at the time, Mogadishu was known as ‘The Most Dangerous City in the World’. Thompson and Ramirez will be supporting the troops charged with capturing the beloved Somali warlord, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, and his ally, Semi Osman, a prolific arms dealer. For Thompson and Ramirez, their time in Somalia will be fraught with danger and with difficulty; rejected by their unit, the men will quickly form a strong bond of trust and acceptance. They will cheat death on several occasions, its dark shadow rarely leaving their sides while they battle in Mogadishu’s hot, dusty streets. But even as he if forced to bear witness to the worst in humanity, Sergeant Thompson is able to find goodness, wisdom and - most surprisingly of all - love in war-torn Somalia.


The Mogadishu Diaries: Bloodlines is an unflinching portrayal of life at the eye of the storm of war by former US Marine Eddie Clay, largely based on his own experiences of the military endeavor in Somalia in the early 1990s. At the time of Clay’s deployment, Mogadishu was on the brink of collapse and the aim of Operation Restore Hope was twofold; to quell intra-clan violence and to secure the major supply routes in order to ensure the safe delivery of food and aid to Somalia’s starving people. Clay recounts in compelling detail the pursuit of a cherished warlord, the disarming of an entire community and its unintended consequences, and reveals how he fell in love with a beautiful Somali interpreter named Ayan. He explains the challenges, the fears and the crisis of ‘conscience versus the Rules of Engagement’ he shared with his fellow Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Soldiers during this notorious humanitarian mission, capturing the terrifying sights, sounds and even the scent of the conflict in which he fought, in a country he grew to know and understand. The first in a trilogy of war novels,



The Mogadishu Diaries:


Bloodlines makes for profound and insightful reading this Memorial Day.